The Beginning

It all began with André Raes’ knowledge and passion for herbs and their healing powers. After moving to Iceland, a whole new world opened for him because of the extraordinary Icelandic flora. He experimented with Icelandic herbs and made oils and creams. Originally the idea wasn’t to turn his hobby into a business.

At that time, in the year 1993, Ásta worked at a kindergarten where there was a young boy suffering from severe eczema and rashes. Ásta wanted to try one of André’s herbal creams on the boy's skin to see if it would help him and asked his mother for permission. After a couple of days, the young boy’s skin had almost returned to normal which came as a surprise to people involved. This unique cream was given the suitable name “Wonder Cream”. The Wonder Cream is still one of the top sellers today and has helped a lot of people dealing with problem-prone skin.

A While Later

Coincidentally the kid’s grandfather, Böðvar Jónsson, happened to be a local pharmacist. He was also impressed just like everyone else after he heard the story about his grandson. Böðvar subsequently offered facilities at his pharmacy so that André could continue experimenting with Icelandic herbs to develop new products so that more people could be helped.

A while later, in 1994, Böðvar encouraged them to start a formal business and he helped them to get the ball rolling. Thereafter it all happened quite quickly and Purity Herbs became the first all-natural skin care company in Iceland.

The Present

Today, more than two decades later, Purity Herbs specializes in the production of 100% natural cosmetics and produces over 50 different products that are suitable for all ages and skin types.

The products are being sold all over Iceland and in many countries across the world and the company is still growing every day.